Hello World, I am Kamrul Hasan. Enthusiastic of software engineering, a good team player and in depth knowledge about development tools and languages. Hopeful for working with you. 3+ years experience of developing design, testing, code, debugging programs to real problems and adding value to the business.

My Career

Software Engineer
16 June 2016 – Present

My Skills

A programming language is indeed just a tool, but there are good tools and bad tools, and some tools are better for some jobs than others. When we need any new tools, learn and implement that.

Languages: Python, C#.NET, PHP
Framework: Django, Flask, ASP.NET & MVC, ASP.NET Core & MVC
Front-end : React, Ajax, JQuery
Other tools: Docker, Git
Others: Team player, Communication, Leadership

My Certification

I always learning something about technical or self development. I believe “Never stop learning”. Everyday try to read articles, blogs, forum, training and various topic video from youtube.
Bellow some of my certification:

  1. Learning Data Structures & Algorithms in Python from Scratch
    Provider: Udemy
    Link: https://www.udemy.com/certificate/UC-59036114-99e0-4abe-8cb8-4b93ecaecc81/
  2. Object-Oriented Programming in C#
    Provider: Pluralsight
    Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/45qxv3mvc6sau2t/OOP%20C%23.pdf
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