Git Command Line Fundamental Explained for Beginners

Git makes simple to developer code collaboration. If you didn’t learn git, you will be facing many hassles to share your code with teammates. So don’t waste your time, start to learn git immediately. This article makes you easy to learn git.

What is Git?

Git is a version control system. It was created by Linus Torvalds, Did you know he also created Linux. But don’t worry, Git also supported windows and Mac too.

Git has the superpower to track every version of the revision. When your team works together, git can be tracking everyone’s code revision. So if anyone removes any code, you can check and find what’s the difference between before and present code.

Git is more special for you can revert any time of any version. That’s why git it more popular (also mandatory for use).

Git Installation

Will you want to work using git? Okay, I know you want. Now you need to install git.

Using Linux and Unix install from here.

using Windows download and install from here.

Using MacOS install from here.

That’s great, you install git on your local machine.

Required Command and Vocabulary: 

Now we need to discuss some topic must be known before using git. So why late, let’s start.

Repository: Repository also knows as Repo. A repository is the most important part of git because of its store files and folder which are using git track. The repository is also tracked your team code history. It also has a private and public repository.

Repo initialize command:


Commit means to save your work into a local repository until you push to GitHub or live repository. When you commit that time you also set a message which is you can see and remember your work history.


You work in your local machine and committed. But you want o  share your code with your colleague or teammate, you need to push command. That means files are updated at the cloud (like Github).  such as git push origin [branch name].


When you work with a team, you will need to develop new features, fix bugs, or many others. That time helps you with a new branch. you can create a new branch for new features to develop or fix a bug. That branch is not any impact as other branches until you merge.  such as command: git checkout -b [new branch name]


When you finished your new feature development. You need to merge with the main branch and push to cloud. Share code with your teammate. Merge command important for merge your code.  Such are command: git merge [branch name]


Another important feature is the pull request. Suppose, your teammate tells you, he/she fix a bug and push to cloud and you need to check that bug fixed code. That time help you pull request. You think those codes are into the cloud, how to get those?

Pull requests help you to get those codes. such as command: git pull origin [branch name]


Your project all files stay at cloud, how do you work? Clone command is a perfect solution to this problem. The first time, you create a project on Github or another cloud, you need to clone cloud to your local machine. Then you can work those files.  such as git clone repository clone URL


Log is important everywhere. Git has logs, your every commit is a log. you can see or check out any log any time, can check every commit code which is you and your teamwork.



Every developer needs to learn git. Git increase your productivity and manage your code easily. Most recruiters ask about git and require to apply for a job. So don’t waste your time to learn git and be productive.

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