How to install and run odoo using docker compose

Odoo is business management software with CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Billing, eCommerce, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse and inventory management system.

Docker is a tool and container technology. It’s make easier to create, deploy and run application using container. It also platform as service (PaaS).

If are you a odoo developer or odoo customer, sometimes you will be think about “can i install multiple odoo in same instances/vps?”

Answer is YES, you can. Odoo default port is 8069 but you can change port and install odoo different port. But you face many dependencies issue about multiple odoo installation.

That’s problem you can solution easily using Docker. Docker is container technology, so you can create multiple container and install odoo every container. You will free from container any dependencies.

Let’s start install odoo using docker in your machine or vps server.

You need to clone ready docker compose files.

For Odoo 10: 

For Odoo 11:

For Odoo 12:

For Odoo 13: 

After clone this you need to inside odoo docker folder.

when you execute command “ls” then you show those folder and files.

odoo docker

You need to about odoo docker-compose.yml file.

There are has odoo version 2 and two service has db and web. You can set any name of service.

container_name: Every service has a container name.

image: We are using postgres:10 image using postgresql database.

port: postgresql default port is 5432 but you can inherit port, we are inherit port as 5080.

Web service:

container_name: you can set any container name, exemple: odoo_13_web

image: odoo:13 using image

port: odoo default port is 8069 but you can inherit port, we are inherit port as 13000.

addons: If you need install any third party apps, you can use adons folder.

Now install docker

Install docker compose

Now start container using root this project

Finished odoo composer browse <ip>:13000 or local machine: localhost:13000

odoo apps

If you face any issue about installation odoo using docker, please comment bellow and please share this .


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