How To Make Web Application Using Flask in Python

Flask is a small and lightweight python web framework. It provides useful features and tools that’s why creating web applications easily. Using flask a developer creates web applications faster with flexibility. It’s doesn’t force a particular structure or any other boilerplate. So it’s easy to use.

You have to need basic knowledge of python, HTML, CSS, JavaScript to archive goals.  Flask uses Jinja template engine.

In this tutorial, You’ll build a small web application using flask and SQLite in Python.


  • Install python on local machine windows or ubuntu
  • Understand Python 3 concepts such as datatype, for, loop, conditional statements, etc

Installing Flask 

Install flask using pip package installer. Now install Python packages using pip and python.

Create a directory

Create Python file

Edit Python file

Write code in edit file: flaskapp/

To run your web application, you’ll first tell Flask where to find the application ( in your case) with the FLASK_APP environment variable:

Lastly, run application Flask run command

show output message

Now browse in the browser using this  URL: receiving string ‘Hello World’.

If the error message showing this:

Solve using this command

Congrats, you run the first web application using Flask. The next article will be using a template, SQLAlchemy, etc.

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